Client: Private

Location: Thessaloniki, GreeceStatus: Concept Design
Lead architect: Aspasia Taka
Design team: Maria Avramidou

Design proposal for aesthetics and energy sufficiency upgrade of an existing commercial building. The metal-structured building of the 90’s with cladding of metal panels co-houses showrooms and offices for a car trading company. The client brief concerns the redesign of the building with the aim of the best possible use of its space, but also a new perspective on the obsolete and monolithic existing architecture. Our proposal concerns the recording of the movement in the existing flat faces. The steadily two-sided bioclimatic panels are designed to provide the necessary shading in a building with its central view to the West. We create scenarios-viewing beams both for the users of the building, and for the spectator who approaches the building usually from a distance due to its distance from the National Road of the city. The viewer through the movement and the perspective sees the face moving. A design approach based on the principles of well-being and the principles of bioclimatic design.